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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shared Reviews is Back On Line

Shared Reviews is back online, with the all-new format, and all content in place under a new category structure.

At this time, no authors can log in, till a few more bugs are worked out. Soon, a few beta testers will be given the privilege/ responsibility of being allowed to sign in and check out all the internal features. Once they determine that the new features are working correctly, Shared Reviews will be completely opened for all authors.

The new site looks great! The colors are smart, and I like the blues much better than the previous orange and gray.

At this time, we can't see anything about how the "game" is going to work. The promise is that it is going to be fun to write for rewards that can be exchanged for either real cash or certain perks. Payment in real money based on readers will continue, and hopefully increase.

A new linear system of levels has been revealed, but not yet fully explained. It goes from 1 to 50. 1 would be a true newbie. Peter Ejtel, owner and editor-in-chief, is at 50. My current rank is 33, the highest of any author to date. But I don't know yet what that will mean.

The new category structure is completely different, and it may take some shuffling to get all the content in the right place. Instead of each category getting more and more specific, they are now larger and broader. Under each category, such as Business & Office, there are only a few sub categories. In this case: Workplace & Operations, Careers & Work, Marketing & Advertising, and Other. Within each subcategory there can be product reviews, service reviews, general articles, how-tos, and opinion pieces. (roughly speaking... some review types don't fit all categories).

The beta testers were going to be announced by now, but they haven't been. I'm pretty sure I'm one of them, and I'm actually excited about Shared Reviews again. There's been a long dry patch that hasn't been much fun, but I think the new site is going to make up for that.

Like any content site, you have to build a body of work to earn very much, but it is possible to make more than a few dollars a month there if you work at it. The link below can be used to sign up under me, although right now no one can sign in or sign up. Check it out, though, and get ready for the all new Shared Reviews, a fun place to write.

Shared Reviews