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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shared Reviews Down to Install Site Redesign

Shared Reviews, which began as a site to review products, is temporarily offline. The site expanded a couple of years ago to include writing of articles. Because of the structure, traffic was not hurt by the Google shakeup in February 2011 as much as some of the content sites. Users are paid a percentage of the monthly revenues.

For months, CEO Peter Ejtel has been working behind the scenes to bring us a new interface. The promise is that this will be much more fun, faster, cleaner, and more bug free. Those of us who are active on the site can't wait for the changes!

The message claims that the site will be back by noon today, September 6, 2011. However, there's a typo in the notice which says "Easter Standard Time." Those of us who have watched delay after delay as changes to the site's code proved knotty, will see this as a great joke. We do hope Shared Reviews will be back before Easter!

When Shared Reviews comes back on line, everyone will be able to read content. However, the plan is that most authors will not be able to log in for an additional two weeks, while testing takes place. A few authors have been selected as beta testers. These people have agreed to accomplish a certain number of tasks during those two weeks in order to try to ferret out the bugs that will be inevitable. Hopefully, after that, the site will be back for all authors, established or new, to write and earn.

The changes include a complete category re-design which should make it much easier to place content. It's much less specific than the old structure, which required the making of new categories whenever someone wanted to write about something that didn't fit anywhere.

Peter has promised games, more instant rewards and a bright pleasing design. Here's hoping Shared Reviews becomes recognized as the great place to find quality content that it really is.

(Aw, shucks... he fixed the typo)

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