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Saturday, September 17, 2011

CMF Blog Advertising Network to Close

CMF, one of the largest of the blog advertising networks plans to shut down in October 2011. Says owner Ben Barden, "For several months we have noticed a sharp decline in activity... It’s reached the point where we can’t ignore it any longer."

Various functionalities at the site will be phased out between now and October 30. Everyone will be allowed to cash out, but you do need to make the requests in a timely manner. For regular cashout, requests need to be made by September 25. After that time, anyone with more than $1.00 in their account will be able to place a final request by October 23.

Also on October 23, widgets will be disabled, and the network will close completely on October 30.

CMF Ads has been a solid advertising option for bloggers for a number of years. It's too bad that more people did not take advantage of the options there, and that it has come to this end.

Read the full schedule of shutdown events at the CMF Blog


John said...

It's a shame CMF has to close. Ben and Turnip have done a fantastic job. :-(