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Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Changes at Shared Reviews

I've been a member of Shared Reviews since a couple of months after it first started. I joined in October 2007. Currently I have the #1 ranking at the site. (This could easily change!)

Since August, owner Peter Ejtel has been working hard to roll out an all-new payment and status structure. It's been tested in pieces, and the system is now live, and mostly working properly. It's a complete change from the previous method, so if you didn't care for Shared Reviews before, you might find it more appealing now. If you were involved there some, everything is changed. In either case, pay attention!

There will now be cash awarded on a monthly basis in proportion to the number of readers who visit your reviews from valid referrers. This basically means through searches or links, but not any PTC sites or link exchanges. This will be more fair. Previously you could only get paid if your review was in the top of each category.

You can also earn cash rewards for reaching specific challenge levels. It's a complex system, but basically you work to complete levels, and there is some reward at each completion. Sometimes it's points, sometimes it's cash. These awards are independent from the pageview cash awards.

If you were used to the old voting system (which lent itself to "corruption"), that is gone. In its place is a rating system. Members who have a high enough rank can rate reviews for their quality. When a rate is made the reviewer has an opportunity to edit the review to improve it. This is a long-overdue need, since there are a lot of sub-standard reviews. There are also a lot of really good ones. The current review total is 46,354... there's plenty of room for quite a range of quality!

Pageview cash awards are split between the writer and the raters. If a review has not yet been rated, the writer will still get 50% and the rest will roll over to the next month's kitty.

This explanation isn't nearly complete, but it will give you a sense of the sweeping changes. Pageview payouts are percentages of the monthly revenue, so we don't yet know what the payout will be. This is the first month of the new setup, so I don't think anyone has a clue what we are likely to earn. But the one thing we do know is that more people will earn a share of the pie.

Of course, if you have a higher rank you will earn more from the challenges earned, and the fact that you are allowed to rate others.

Check it out if you want... it's a good time to jump in. Meanwhile, here are my new reviews in September and October:

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Sleepyhead - Cute But Not Outstanding
Revere Ware 1 Gallon Steamer/ Canner - Useful
Harmony Kingdom - Tin Cat I Figurine Box - Sharks
White Acorn Squash - Bland, Disappointing
Trapped in Death Cave - Believable Adventure
Magnetic Storage - Not Just For Locker Organization
Tips for Choosing Flowering Bulbs
Hands of Jesus- Christian Bird Lover's Ideal
Pendaflex Hanging Folders - An Office Standard
Role for the Government in Controlling Sugar?
IMToo MOV Converter- Not the Best Deal
Comparing Four On-line Writing Job Venues
Little Quack's Bedtime - Cute Toddler Bedtime Book
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