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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Post Zoom - Ad Exchange Option

Post Zoom is a new blog link exchange that seems promising. Basically, you put a widget on your blog, add your posts to their database, and for every click that arrives on their site from your blog your blog will be shown in two other widgets. In addition, people may be surfing directly from the Post Zoom home page.

I've decided to give this a try with a couple of my blogs. The widget is small. You can choose 1x1 up to 1x5 in either orientation. The size of each block of the widget appears to be about 100x150. You can serve your ad with an image or not, and the image can be from your blog or from a separate URL, making this quite versatile.

I placed the widget on My Quality Day about a week ago, and have received 5 visits through Post Zoom, as recorded by Google Analytics. The Post Zoom stats says that 2 clicks to them have come through my blog, and 9 views of my blog have been posted through the widget in that time. In my opinion, this isn't too bad for a really new site.

The owner (well, the person who answered the contact form), Eric Castelli, has been very responsive to comments, always a good sign! He quickly agreed to add an Outdoors category, which fits my other blog well. They are open to adding other categories as the need arises.

The site is organized fairly well, but you have to get used to it. When you go to the home page you will see the posts currently being served. These are ranked both by newness of posting and highest popularity. If you want to register or log in, you must read some very small print in the right column.

You can see a 1x1 widget in my left column, just under the CMF ads.

Benefits: It's pretty early to tell, but if it becomes a popular place for surfers to check in for content, it could be quite useful.

There's not a huge time investment- no sites to click, etc.

You can place each of your blog posts in any category, individually. This is nice for eclectic bloggers, such as I am. If I post about flowers one day that can go in Outdoors. If I talk about something I baked that can go in Food & Drink, independently.

You can limit the categories from which the widget on your site will load, to tailor it to the content of your blog.

Drawbacks: You must load your posts on the site yourself. This means that you have to remember to do so, and take the extra couple of minutes required.

Post Zoom