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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adgitize Adds Way to Earn Points and Gain Exposure

Ken Brown, owner of Adgitize, has announced a new way to earn as many as 100 points in a day. You just have to participate in the Adgitize forum.

His philosophy has always been to not only provide advertising, but to help bloggers become better bloggers. His system promotes:
1. Regular writing on your own blog (100 points a day for a post)
2. Visiting other blogs (up to 100 points a day for clicking other blogs in the system)
3. Now, you can gain name recognition by participating in the forum (up to 100 points a day)

A post with 200 words is worth 100 points
a 100 word post = 50 points
a 50 word post = 25 points
and a 25 word post = 10 points, up to a daily maximum of 100 points.

Brown explained that the monetary award per point will be reduced slightly, across the board, so as to stay within the budget. But that for people who participate in the forum, they are likely to see their earnings increase.

One of the things that attracted me to Adgitize early, and has kept me there, is that the system is stable. Brown calculated how the system would function at all levels before he launched the program, and developed a way for it to pay for itself. Unlike some other systems which suffered from inflation, or collapsed for lack of funds, Adgitize is stable, any changes are announced in advance and are not knee-jerk reactions to crises.

This is an even better time than ever to sign up and buy a monthly ad on Adgitize. You can't go wrong- your blog will be advertized across 5000 sites, you will make blogging friends, and you will probably end up being paid to do so if you are active.



John Lottery said...

Hey Sharkey,

I too have belonged to Adgitize for awhile now.

And yes, Ken has provided us with a great vehicle for not only distributing and advertising our content, but for doing this for free by enabling us to earn income equal to or in excess of our costs.

But, to me, the major benefit is belonging to an organized network of talented authors who reinforce and complement our diverse interests!

John Lottery