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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bundle Up in Endinburgh This Week

With record low temperatures recorded in Scotland this weekend, visitors to the Edinburgh area might wonder if they would have been warmer at the South Pole. Temperatures in the Highlands reached -22.3C (-8F), which was nearly as cold as it was in Antarctica. However, the Edinburgh accommodation opportunities are significantly better.

Whether one is looking for the complete luxury of the Balmoral Hotel or bottom-dollar lodgings at the Caledonian Hostel, there are plenty of places to bundle up and stay warm. The area boasts over 150 hotels ready to serve your needs. A number of Edinburgh apartments are available for rent to those who are planning an extended stay. Most have a minimum three-night stay, but can accommodate a group of people in ways that a hotel room can not. Of course, plenty of standard hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast lodgings can also be found.

With a warm place to return to a sure thing, this weekend many will brave the cold for the annual Edinburgh race around Arthur’s Seat. This annual Scotland Great Winter Run is entered by over 2000 runners, from children to the elite. The 5k route wends through Holyrood Park, and organizers expect that despite the cold the course will be clear, although they do have a backup route in mind, if needed.

So, whether you are one who will brave the cold to run, or a support person who is there to cheer someone on, or even someone with no interest in the Great Winter Run, as winter has come to Scotland, you can be sure to find plenty of suitable Edinburgh accommodation.