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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adgitize Offers New Tool

Adgitize, the great blog advertising network, has just launched yet another tool to help bloggers analyze their success. Any blog which is an advertiser and publisher within the network can enter their URL and see this score box. Lower numbers are better.

The Traffic Rating is the Adgitize system ranking of all active publishers by the amount of page views they receive. The bottom number, the Adgitize Score, is a measurement of how active an advertiser-publisher is. The score is derived from the amount of traffic a blog receives, how active they are at clicking Adgitize Member Ads and how often they write new articles to their blog.

The graphics above show the scores of two of my blogs. These scores are available for any advertiser's blog in the Adgitize system, and can be accessed by anyone, such as potential advertisers.

Meanwhile, Adgitize still remains a superb way to advertise a blog, and get traffic from people who will take some time to look at your blog. The poll I ran in November showed that people are making choices about which ads they are willing to click a second and third time, which implies that they are paying attention to the content.

For only $14 a month your blog will be advertised across the platform of several thousand Adgitize Publishers. You will be able to recover some, or even all of this money by clicking on ads within the system. Why not sign up now!


cornyman said...

Hi sharkbytes,

one little correction :)

Only publisher with Adgitize ads on their blog/website get listed in the AdgiScore.

So Etsy-Shops or Affiliate-Websites won't get listed there (means not all advertisers get the chance to "compete" within Adgitize) *lol

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks, Martin- I was too tired yesterday... I shouldn't have tried to post anything- bound to be errors. I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

The tool also tells how many blogs you have in the system. What you earns from 5 blogs?

My Quality Day Traffic Rating: 310 AdgiScore: 27
-----------------------------------Just Throw Money Traffic Rating: 439 AdgiScore: 146
Get Off The Couch Traffic Rating: 568 AdgiScore: 160
Favorite Nature Blogs Traffic Rating: 653 AdgiScore: 730
-----------------------------------North Country Trail News Traffic Rating: 708 AdgiScore: 236