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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is Neobux Profitable with Rented Referrals?

One of the unique things about Neobux is that you can rent referrals who click under you if you don't have a lot of success at recruiting direct referrals. I was pretty excited about this, but I'm not sure that one can make any money unless you also have a cadre of direct referrals too.

Last month, I reported that I had actually lost money with my first three rented referrals. Let's check this again, now that I have 6 referrals, all rented.

Keeping the computations simple... it costs $0.00833 per day to rent a referral. There is also an approximate $0.00015 upkeep charge per day, for a cost per day of $0.0085. How much am I earning a day? The average since I have had 6 referrals is $0.072, which includes my clicks and whatever credit I get from my referrals. So this does show a profit. It's not much more than what I was getting without any referrals at all. That average was $0.06 ad day.

Is this worth it? Probably not. If you don't click ads yourself on any given day, you don't get any credit from your referrals clicks for the next day.

I am coming to the conclusion that even though Neobux is reputed to actually pay out, that the whole thing is bad choice of priorities. More on priorities in the days to come.


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