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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Does Shared Reviews Have a Future?

Shared Reviews has been around for almost two years, and after a hiatus of being able to pay writers, they are ready to begin revenue sharing again. All back payments owed to members have been made.

The site is committed to presenting unique, personal, and ethical reviews. People who think they can make a quick dollar by copying reviews or product information from other sites are routed out quite quickly by members who are diligent to check for plagiarism. Members have a real stake in the success of the site.

With the recent demise of Ciao, many of those members have come to Shared Reviews. Part of Ciao's failure was due to "gangs" of cheaters. Hopefully Shared Reviews can quickly identify and block the problem users.

How one earns money there is rather complex, and those who want to succeed need to read the User Guide.

But, in a nutshell, one writes reviews and also votes on the value of reviews that other people have written. In any given month the top several reviews in any sub-category will earn cash for both the writers and the people who voted for them.(For July 2009, it will be the top 3 spots.) One big change is that the amount available to be earned each month will be announced at the BEGINNING of the month. For example, $25 per sub-category.

That amount will then be allocated on a percentage scale to writers of and voters for the top spots. Earnings will not appear in real time in your profile. They are calculated at the end of each monthly cycle.

It has been a tough nine months, but Shared Reviews is to be commended for not simply folding and defaulting on all the back payments. Now they are ready to to continue to provide good, personal reviews of products, and to reward monetarily those who write them.

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