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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Collapse of Entrecard Traffic

Now that the dust has settled a bit after Entrecard introduced paid ads, what is the condition of what is left of the once successful traffic exchange? Many popular bloggers left EC completely.

In my opinion, the site may be more financially viable, but as a source of traffic for blogs (its original purpose) it has become all but useless. I maintain four blogs with Entrecard widgets, and used to receive about 50 visits a day to each through EC widgets. This varied somewhat, in relation to how many other EC sites I visited.

Now, I receive only 5-10 visits each day through Entrecard. Each of my blogs has tumbled to about 50% of its former value in EC credits. I have chosen not to display paid ads on two of them, and will accept some paid ads on the other two. The only blogs that seem to have retained their original value are some of the ones which were already in the top few spots in each category.

In all honestly, I have to admit that I, myself, am doing less surfing too. I am much more likely to come to dead ends now... recently one EC site has flooded the widgets with paid ads so that their "card" shows up on about every other blog. This only makes me want to never click on their ad.

While I met some of my most faithful readers and favorite bloggers through Entrecard surfing, unless a whole new generation of EC users signs on and discovers the pleasure of exploring new blogs by surfing widgets, you might as well join a few traffic exchange sites and just pay for page views.

In the past few days I've been trying to drop on more EC cards. Perhaps some other people will revive the practice as well.



sixmats said...

Maybe you have outgrown it. 5-10 visits a day doesn't seem like it would be worth your time.

And yeah, the good blogs are gone anyway.

cornyman said...

Hmm, for me it works out when i drop my 300 cards a day. Usually i will get around 90 to 240 visitors from EntreCard.

Sure, after i was not able to click for one week, there were just 10 to 20 visitors each day. Usually the one who put me on their favorite list or some who drop all visitors of their inbox.

The falling price of advertisement depends on the popularity and as you said, you don't drop so many cards, your popularity went down (calculated from the drops on your EC-widget of the last 5 days!).

For more information read How to get popular in Entrecard.
Drop on the TOP Popular blogs (because they drop around 300 cards!). Advertise on blogs with popularity rating from 1000 upwards (even if it costs more than 256 ECs).

Entrecard Explained

Good luck and hope to see you back again on the TOP!