Cash is Good!

I have taken a part-time job, and it's definitely affecting my blogging time. I'll continue to post here as I am able.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Howcast Video Challenge - Win $2000

The theme is "Get Creative, Get Recognized, Get Paid!" What could be better than that?

Take a chance to prove your filmmaking mettle and win some serious dough. Howcast challenges you to impress them with a unique visual style, an unexpected story, or a topic they've yet to cover. You could win $2,000 and score exposure across Howcast's distribution network.

How It Works
Submit a three-minute (or less) original video that presents a lesson on how to do something, and experiments with a creative approach to the how-to video.

1st Prize: $2,000
2nd Prize: Sony Webbie HD camera and accessories (tripod, memory card, bag, etc.)
3rd Prize: 8 GB iPod Nano, $50 Apple Store Gift Certificate

All entries must be received by 9:00 PM PDT, July 28, 2009.

See How-to Video Challenge for complete details.