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Monday, April 11, 2011

Creating a Category Tree for Blogger - Part 1

Part 1 - What is the Goal?

The overall goal of building a category tree is to create a framework that organizes the content of your blog and presents it to readers in such a way that they can easily see what your blog offers, and find topics of interest.

This is different from a plain list of labels which are not collected by topic.
Think back to your school days. This goal is simply known as an outline. On the left is a portion of the category tree of this blog, which I am building in the right column.

When it is complete, it will have a number of top level categories, with sub-categories under those. You can have as many levels as you desire. The more posts your blog has, the more you may want to break this down so that if someone clicks a sub-point they will be shown fewer than 10 posts. A goal might be that all the posts under a lowest level sub-category would display on one page (I can't state a specific number, since you can choose how many posts show on one page).

If you create a good category tree, you can remove the archive widget, and the label widget, because this will be a much better way for your posts to be organized. The easier it is for readers to find useful posts, the more likely they are to read more, which will lower the bounce rate, resulting in better rankings for your blog.

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