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Friday, November 26, 2010

Video Made in Windows Movie Maker Won't Upload to YouTube?

Have you edited or created a movie in Windows Movie Maker, tried to upload it to YouTube, and received the cryptic message "Unable to upload for unknown reason?" Yesterday, I learned one possible source of the problem. If you have created an extra audio track, such as a voiceover, read on.

When I went exploring for possible reasons why my video seemed to be uploading to YouTube just fine until the very end, I discovered that one possibility was that the audio and video tracks were not of the same length.

After a lot of fooling around, trying unsuccessfully to get my voiceover track and the dual video/audio track from the camera to end at the same 100th of a second, I tried another solution, and this one worked.

This is what the timeline will look like when there is a problem. My voiceover track is the bottom bar. Note that it extends beyond the camera track. Your video will play perfectly on your computer, but YouTube won't take it.

To fix this problem, just leave the camera video/audio track a little longer. Those tracks are synced internally, and will always end at the exact same time. I managed to achieve this by inserting another tiny clip of film, which you can see, just before 1:58:00 on the timeline. The timeline is expanded, so this clip is only about 1/10 second long, but it made all the difference. YouTube accepted the video in which the camera track was longer than the voiceover track.

Windows Movie Maker is an extremely basic video editing software, but, even so, good things can be accomplished with it.


Ratty said...

Thanks for the tip. I would never know the problem if I encounter it in the future otherwise. I haven't added audio to any of my videos, but I've been thinking of the possibility.