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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shared Reviews Update

In October, I posted about a major change at the Review and Content site known as Shared Reviews. Those changes are now in their second month of being live, preceded by a month of beta testing.

I think that the system is working quite well. You might think I'm saying that because I'm currently in the number ONE spot. That's certainly nice, but it's not really why I like the changes.

Although not as many previous members have checked in to see how the site now works as would be ideal, the people who are participating are sure to see the rewards.

One of the new keys to success is to be able to objectively and constructively rate existing and new reviews for content and writing expertise. Only people at a certain rank are able to rate other reviews. When content is rated, the review/article is unlocked for editing. The author may then make changes to improve the content. This raises the overall quality of material on the site.

Payments for pageviews are only awarded for views from "readers." This is strictly defined to prevent gaming, traffic exchanges, etc. No internal clicks from Shared Reviews count. The tradeoff is that each time a page is "read" it's value is going to be higher. That value will depend on the amount of money in the monthly pot.

Due to database issues, we still don't know what we made for October. Owner, Peter Ejtel, says they are trying to get the problems sorted out by the end of November, and process payments. But, here's how it works. Each month there is a pot of money, guaranteed to be no less than $1000. (Based on $2 per new content item, but never lass than $1000.) Half of that goes to authors, based on their readers. The other half goes to raters. Each content item can be rated by up to five members. Those five people will split the other half, based on the readers. If a review/article does not have five rates, the unused payout will be rolled into the next month's pot.

Quick estimates place the first month's payout around $0.01 cent for each "read." Here's how I figure that. Estimated official readers for all of Nov = 100,000. With $1000 to share, the minimum ever (allowing for rollover), $1000 / 100,000 = $.01, a penny per read.

So let’s speculate that in a month a person has 2000 reads of their own content, and 1000 reads of content they’ve rated. If a read is worth 1 cent then the writer will get $0.005, and a rater will get $0.001.

2000 x $0.005 = $10
1000 x $0.001 = $1

for a total of $11 a month.

My total for October should come in somewhere around $24. (Plus my level completion bonuses.)

Ratings will stay with a content item forever, so I will continue to earn with my ratings given for as long as the site is viable. With unused portions of the monthly pot rolling forward, and increased readership and authoring, the potential earnings should only increase.

With more time than sense (or cents) this month, I'm doing a lot of rating. I consider it an investment.

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