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Monday, December 20, 2010

The "New" Shared Reviews- A Pay-to-Write Success Story

Shared Reviews is a content writing site, where you can earn money based on readership, rating of other content, and various achievement levels and contests. If you were familiar with the "old" Shared Reviews, there are quite a few changes.

I’m really happy with the new SR, and not just because I’m in first place. Here are some reasons:

1. You don’t have to beat out your friends to do well (which you had to do under the old voting system). This is, hands down, the greatest plus. Anyone who wants to put in the time can excel, if they are a reasonably good writer. Yes, I can write, but I’m in first place because I’ve spent a ton of time rating and writing. And my success doesn’t preclude anyone else from reaching the same level of ranking or payment or participation.

2. Your destiny is largely in your own hands. This is a corollary to #1. Except for receiving a certain number of rates, a person has great control over their own success. There isn’t full control over the number of readers we receive, but there is some. Writing good titles and using keywords is critical. You can make your content discoverable, and promote it. I should do it more!

3. The new system has a much more sustainable basis for payment. Now that the site has been around a while, Peter Ejtel (owner) knows pretty much what to expect from month to month in terms of income.

4. The rating system is constructive. With only a few exceptions, I think it’s working smoothly. Reviews are being improved in several ways. They are often made more discoverable. They are often made more understandable (key elements of SR writing included). The mechanics of the writing is improved.

Types of writing allowed

1. The site originated with product reviews. This is still the bulk of the content. There are almost 400 categories in which to place a review.

2. General content articles were added in early 2010. There are quite a few categories, and more are coming. You aren't limited to given titles (like you are at Helium). There is no upfront payment, but everyone is paid based on readership (previously only top reviews in each category received compensation)

3. Within a few months there is going to be content writing for upfront pay offered to those writers who qualify. This has gone through Alpha testing, and people who qualified for that were paid quite well.

Rating system actually works

Members who have achieved a certain level of experience and skill earn the title of Publisher-Rater. As such they have the privilege (and responsibility- but it's a reasonable level) to rate other articles. When an article is rated, the author is notified, and he or she can edit that article, making the changes noted by the raters. Raters also earn on the readership of content they've rated (at a lower level than the author). This not only generates more income, but it improves overall content on the site.

Articles with high ratings are queued higher on searches, so that people see good content first.

This would be a great time to sign up at Shared Reviews