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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Advanced Plagiarism Checker- Not the Best

I was looking for a plagiarism checker to use since Copyscape has severely limited the number of times you can use it for free. What I found is the Advanced Plagiarism Checker, by

It allows you to enter text in a box, a URL, or a text file, and then it will search the web for duplicate content.

There is a bar where you can set how stringent of a control you want on the content.

The results are not as straightforward as Copyscape. It returns a list of phrases, and then a link which you must click to look at a search engine result of pages which have that phrase. When I entered the text of an article I posted on a content site, I had to bump it up to the highest setting, and then it did not return a match to my on-line article for all phrases.

So, this tool is definitely not as good as Copyscape. I wouldn't want to stake my reputation on the returns from the Advanced Plagiarism Checker.