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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Does it Matter How Fast Your Blog Loads?

I've found myself lately refusing to visit several good blogs because they load slowly. I have pretty good connection speed, wireless, not dial-up. Yet, when these sites grind and grind for 5 minutes and still aren't loaded, I tend to just move on.

What I'm suggesting is that bloggers should consider how many fancy applications or widgets they should add to a site.

One of the worst hoggers of load time are the glitzy slide shows. I pretty much just don't even try to load those blogs any more. It's too bad. There are at least three that I enjoy the content, but waiting interminably just isn't worth it.

Adding music files that play automatically is also a killer for loading time, not to mention that it's very intrusive. I keep my computer sound turned off, so I don't hear them, but it slows everything down.

I've come across a web site that allows one to test their blog/site as to load time. It's free, and I get nothing for referring you there. I just find it useful. By way of example, it tested this page as requiring 52 seconds to load at 128 KBPS. A site with a slide show took almost 3 minutes.

I've added a little poll. Does it matter to you if blogs load fast?

Test your blog's loading speed at Web Optimization


Source Blogger said...

Does it Matter How Fast Your Blog Loads?

Of course! Slow sites may be penalized by search engines.

Source Blogger loads generally between 4.5 to 4.9 seconds.

I'm pretty busy in the blogosphere and rarely come across blogs that take any longer than 10-12 seconds to load at most - although I recently purchased a new HP Pavilion and had the cable company tweak my internet connection.

Before this, I used to think it was the blogs, now I know it was my computer.

Source Blogger
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Source Blogger

lee said...

hi, my blog loaads to slow. i don't know how to fix it. can you please help me?
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