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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adgitize Your Blog and Bring in Readers

There is no better time to advertise through Adgitize than right now! But you may still be wondering what good it does to put a little picture square into the Adgitze system.

One thing is certain: you may have the best blog in the world, but if no one knows it's there, you aren't going to have readers. How can you get readers? Advertise. It's that simple. But why should you choose Adgitize over other systems?

You are practically guaranteed some great traffic. While it is true that you will experience some bounce traffic- people who leave quickly, just after clicking on an Adgitize ad on your page- many people will read your content. If they like it, they will come back regularly. Some people may find your blog marginally interesting (let's face it, no one can write a blog that everyone in the world will love), but gaining the point for visiting your site may be enough to pull them in for a quick scan.

Best of all, if you advertise for a month, at just $14, click 50 Adgitize ads a day, and post on your own blog, you will at least break even. So the advertising cost will be nil- just the time to view some other great blogs.

How does it work for me? The blog which I advertise with Adgitize gets 42% of its traffic from those small but effective ads!



james said...

I've joined Adgitize, and I am satisfied for joining.
but I have a slight problem. I added an article on my blog, but I never get the "Article Points". what you can to help the problem?

Sharkbytes said...

Hi James- just contact Ken, either through the forum or the Contact Us link and he'll figure it out. This happens sometimes.

Sometimes it's due to not being on the same time zone as Adg. Their clock rolls over on US Central time.