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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Neobux Again- Going the Right Direction?

I said that I was going to give Neobux one more try, and after 8 days I am wondering if it is going much better than before.

For one thing, I figured out a much easier way to keep track of the daily profit. It's quite simple, duh. More on that in a minute. Let me first say that I have put no money into the system at all. So, at this point, this whole experiment has only cost me the time to click 4-7 links a day, and whatever time I've spent figuring this out and blogging about it.

As previously reported, I had rented first three and then three more referrals. With only three I was losing money (it takes money to maintain referrals). With six, it was a toss-up. I was making about the same amount as I could make by just clicking the links I was given even without referrals.

This time, when I had enough money in my account, I rented 10 referrals all at once. This is for 30 days, and each one costs $.25, so there is an initial investment of $2.50 (plus those maintenance fees).

I have made an average of just over 11 cents a day, profit, figured in the following manner: In my account summary, each day I have recorded the main balance (money that you can add to or cash out), and the rental balance. The main balance goes up each day and the difference from one day to the next is the gross profit (GP). The rental balance goes down each day and the difference from one day to the next is the maintenance cost per day (MC). GP-MC= net profit per day(a). I give it the modifier (a) because that is "apparent" profit. To get the real net profit per day (r), I need to subtract that initial cost per day of the rental. For any number of referrals the cost is always a quarter for 30 days. So for my 10 referrals, $2.50 for 30 days is 2.50/30 = $.08333/ day. So now, I must subtract this cost from profit(a) to get profit (r). 0.11-.08333 = $.0267 real profit a day. Once again, this is less that the average of $0.053 a day I was making with no referrals.

One has to wonder where the break-even point is where you actually make a profit with referrals. Once again, I have to conclude that unless you can get people to sign up underneath you, you can't get ahead with just renting. Of course, this will depend somewhat on the number of clicks each referral does a day. But all of the ones I have are within the range of daily averages (1-3), that Neobux says is standard.

This was enlightening, because it appeared to me that I was making a profit, with my account growing by 11 cents a day.

I wonder if I am ornery enough to keep trying this at higher levels?