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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entrecard Slow to Approve Web Sites

Just under a month ago, Entrecard announced that it would begin accepting web sites in addition to blogs. I immediately put one of my sites into the queue, since I am trying to increase advertising there. At the time, there were about 5 websites which had already been approved in the system. There are now 61, but mine is still waiting.

So what's up? Maybe this is evidence that EC is paying more attention to the kinds of sites they approve. Here's my categorization of the some of the sites in the system as of right now:
  • Romance/Dating/ Girls- 3
  • Real Estate- 1
  • Tech/ Computer- 1
  • Crafters- 2
  • Cars- 2
  • Make Money Online- 2
  • Financial- 1
  • TV/ Celebrity- 2
  • Mixed Bag- 1
  • Health- 1
  • Sports- 2
  • Fashion/ Beauty- 2
  • Humor- 1
  • Expat- 1
  • Not in English!- 1

OK, so I didn't look at them all. I hate the way the EC display page jumps around instantly when ads are purchased. So I looked at about half of them. One already had a popup you have to click when it opens. One is not in English. But, overall, there are some decent pages, and some that are not so great. Two of them are just really close to my line as to what is decent, but EC already has a few sites that I think are borderline, so clearly my standards are different from the owners.

But, with 61 sites approved this means they have approved about two a day. Are they so busy they can't look at more applicants than that?



John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

I think you'll find most of those sites were accepted during the first week. I had a quick look and a couple of them look decent, I'm not so sure about the others! :-(