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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adgitize Tops 220 Advertisers

Despite the recent down time Adgitize shows 222 Advertisers today!

With about 5000 active publishers (those who display Adgitize Ads), those who choose to advertise have a wide visibility. The number of times your ad would be displayed is going to vary on any one day. Not only are the number of publishers and advertisers a factor, but some blogs may choose to show only one ad, while others may show the maximum allowed, which is 10. But according to the counter, which is refreshed daily, over 41 million ads have been shown in the past month!

I suspect that the surge in advertisers might actually be related to the problems Adgitize experienced last week. Owner Ken Brown treated all his advertisers so well... awarding maximum pay during the downtime, and extending all ads for 7 extra days (more time than the site was down), is surely well out of the ordinary. Bloggers have become rather used to being treated with little or no respect. Adgitize's actions are just the opposite.

If you are looking for a great venue to advertise your blog, look no farther. Despite the requirement to pay $14 a month, with just 50 clicks a day you can earn every penny back, and probably show a small profit. What's stopping you?



Martin@Cornyman's Money-Blog said...

I guess there have been better times in November as we hit 50.000.000 ad views with less advertisers (but at that time the earnings have been higher).

I think the number will decrease in the next week and settle around two hundred because before the Server went K.O. we had 175 advertisers.

Another sign is that the overall points are not so much like in the beginning of November as we had 216 advertiser which means most of the members are no more so active in publishing articles/clicking.

Martin@Cornyman's Money-Blog said...

After the seven additional days expired the advertisers are again below 200 :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yeah, we'll have to see where it stabilizes if we get a long time period that is trouble-free.