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Monday, February 8, 2010

Need Some Help on Shared Reviews

I have mentioned several times that I am a regular writer for Shared Reviews. Although I usually do well, this month, for the first time ever, I am currently in first place. However, I'm hanging on by a thread! If any of my readers here would be so inclined, you could help me keep my "top dog" standing just by looking at any of the following reviews. You do need to let the page load completely, but if you just opened some in tabs and let them sit until they load, that would be great. Who knows, you might even find some of them interesting!

If you feel like signing up so that you can vote for them, that would be even better! If you want to vote please sign up at Shared Reviews

Here are the reviews/articles that I have posted this month. Pageviews help my overall standing. Votes will help even more!
1. Cothing/ Men's Clothing- Railroad Logo Denim Shirt
2. Shopping/ Arts & Crafts- "Gentle Grip Floral/ Craft Foam
3. Gaming/ Card Games- "Mille Bornes
4. Office/ Accessories- "Eversharp Scissors
5. Household/ Lighting- GE Dimmable Fluorescent
6. Electronics/ Cellular Accessories- Motorola H680 Bluetooth
7. Books/ Travel Guides- Kekekabic Trail Guide
8. Household/ Kitchen Accessories- IKEA Napkin Holder
9. Travel/ Destinations- Bellingrath Gardens
10. Books/ Cookbooks- Betty's Pies Favorite Recipes
11. Books/ Gardening- AHS Vol 6 Fundamentals
12. Shopping/ Collectibles- S'mores Collectibles
13. Health/ First Aid- J&J Non-Stick Pads":
14. Garden/ Hand Tools- Felco Folding Pruning Saw
15. Beauty/ Bath- Dial- Smaller and Stinkier
16. Books/ Children's Books- Junkyard Fort
17. Household/ Tools- MegaPro is a MegaWinner!
18. Household/ Decor- Oval Glass Gems
19. Household/ Small Appliances- Oster Super Pot
1. Articles/ Household- Baking Soda vs. 20-Year-Old Grease
2. Articles/ Careers- How to Write Excellent Reviews
3. Articles/ Food- Free Soup Stock is Almost No Work
4. Articles/ Lawn & Garden- Feed Yourself or Your Plants, Not the Drain
5. Articles/ Sports & Fitness- Walk for Fitness and Local History Tour
6. Articles/ Holidays- Classic Video Game Party Themes

While no one gets rich at Shared Reviews, it is a steady source of income. In the past few months I have earned:
Jan: $51.67
Dec: $60.25
Nov: $15.37
Oct: $45.45
Sep: $31.57

Shared Reviews


CastoCreations said...

So...I clicked on one of the links (while visiting your site here in firefox. The shared reviews site looks HORRIBLE in Firefox. I copied the link and pasted it into IE and it looks a lot better.

Is that normal?

Do you have to be invited to Shared Reviews? How many reviews do you write every month?

CastoCreations said...

K...I signed up and sent you a friend request. Hopefully you're open to questions. :) I need to think of what I want my first review to be about.

Sharkbytes said...

HI- must have been a temp aberration, because I think it works great in FF. Thanks for signing up! I am always open to questions! You might want to start with which has some tips for new reviewers. I also wrote an article at SR on how to write a good review. It's at

zoan said...

ohh i wanna sign up too.. but i am a new blogger :) my blog is 2 months old :)