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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Entrecard to Now Allow Web Sites

Let's hope that Entrecard's newest offering goes more smoothly than some previous ones and better than the title in their blog post which is "Entrecard explanding network to include website owners." Of course EXPLANDING could be a new combination word of expanding and explaining. Maybe it will be a big hit.

So much for the little joke. Seriously, Entrecard will now allow regular web sites to become part of the Entrecard family of sites. I just entered a web site into the system to see what the process is. It's exactly the same as it has been for blogs, except that now there is a pull-down list to choose web site or blog when you create a new entry. So begin by clicking on "enter a new blog" from your Linked Blogs tab (not sure where this link is if you only have one blog). Some of the questions haven't been reworded to fit a web site. Just pretend that EC was prepared before they leaped off another cliff and answer the questions, substituting the word website for blog.

Will this be a good thing? It's much too early to tell. It should help my personal traffic to web sites I want to promote. I expect that I will be more fussy about ads I accept on those sites, as compared to my blogs. Of course, if I want to have complete control, I will need to pay money to EC to block all the paid ads.

Meanwhile, I'll give it a try.

Entrecard Blog


turnip said...

As I posted elsewhere:
When they don't review incoming sites, what does it matter? I understand their latest thinking. Blame bloggers for dropping 300 cards a day and creating credits out of thin air. Real websites wouldn't do that; they'd buy credits instead of investing their time, right? Wrong. Most of the "websites" will be landing pages for spammy get rich quit schemes.

If you didn't like their previous experiment with sponsored ads, why would you like these exact same sites making up their website section? Or do you think somehow a bunch of spammers will suddenly form an isolated side network separate from the bloggers? Obviously members from "websites" will be placing ads on the "blogger" side. The question is "what does the blogger get in return" and "what can I do to prevent these ads"? Pay $5 a blog, check a box for each ad, or simply reject all nonblogs; without any way to ask these questions, who knows?

John said...

I'd be interested to see what the quality guidelines for websites are. I looked at some of the websites which have joined up. One of them looks pretty good, but most look quite spammy :-(

Sharkbytes said...

Gosh Turnip... you sound pretty angry there. If it turns out to be impossible to eliminate enough spammy stuff, I can withdraw the site.

John- I do agree with Turnip that EC is not policing sites very well. There are a lot of blogs with no widgets, and other problems. If the guidelines are too low to suit me, I can withdraw my site.

turnip said...

Angry? I reread what I wrote and don't see any hostility. The terminology I used comes straight from their website. For example is where the phrase "credits out of thin air" comes from. None of the issues addressed in my comment are new. So perhaps you mistake my succintness for disgust or anger.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

OK... it's often hard to read people in comments.