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Monday, January 18, 2010

Clix Sense- I Get to Keep 5 Months Worth

So I joined Clix Sense last summer, and decided it might be worth the $10 to upgrade to a Premium Membership. Right away, I was given $5 worth of ads to click. The membership is good for a year, so I only have to get another $5 to make money, right. Not so fast. There is also a $3 processing charge when you cash out. And unless you manually change the payout threshold you will be paid when you hit $10, for a net loss of $3.

OK, so I changed the payout threshold. Just today, January 18, you can see that I passed $13 owed to me. So that will recoup the membership fee and the cost of the processing. That leaves me till June 21, 2010, when the membership expires, to actually make money. At an average of $.05 a day made there... let's make it easy and say that I have 5 months to make profit... I can make a whopping 30 x 5 x .05 = $7.50 for a year's worth of clicking ads every day. I think that writing a couple of low-paying freelance articles is probably more economical.

I think I'm learning that many of these microscopic ways to make money are a pretty foolish use of my time.



Mark said...

I agree. I have all but given up on the idea of making money with paid to click sites. The only one I am persisting with at the moment is Hits4Pay as I am just $3 off a $25 payout. Once this has paid out then that is it, no more paid to click sites for me!

cornyman said...


How long did it take to reach 22$ in Hits4Pay. I managed in one year only around 1 $ (+ Sign up bonus of 10$) as they don't have daily but weekly or only bi-monthly ads to click.
Guess you have lots of referrals?


I gave up on these bux-PTC-sites since November 2008 after my wife saw that was a scam (but we had been close to payout after 2 months). Hits4pay is just running on the sideline whenever a sporadic mail with an ad is coming i click.
I believe it's really only worth for the persons from Asia and several developing countries as their invested time and the return in their currency is much more worth than for me as European or yourself as American.

My Adwords-Campaign was about Adgitize and most of the visitors came from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and so on because one of the keywords had been "Paid to click". No visitors at all from Europe or America.
Not much success for the "spent" 150$ voucher but a good amount of traffic :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Mark- yes, once one is close to a payout it makes sense to at least get that little tidbit before chalking it up to lessons learned

Martin- Yup, if I can't even make $20 in a year it is SO not worth it!
Good to get traffic... I have been advertising my book, and only have used $24 of my $100 because of low click rates. I'll be happy if I sell one book. I guess I'll be happy with some exposure, since it isn't costing me anything! :-)

abuckisabuck said...

Thanks for sharing this.