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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Results of the Adgitize Click Style Poll

Here are the results of the poll which asked people to note how they tended to click on Adgitze Ads. It ran for two weeks, and there were 44 voters. The poll records "44 votes," but this is bad semantics by the poll designers, as there were 115 votes.

Assuming that anyone who writes a blog post, clicks for points and gets some ad and view points could make 250 points a day, and comparing that to the leaderboard, approximately 140 blogs average over 250 points a day. 44 respondents is 31% of that number, quite a good response. Here is what the people said who chose to participate.

Of all the choices the two outstanding responses were that people like to check out new ads, and they also attempt to avoid ads to sites that do not have an Adgitize widget. Therefore, the big messages seem to be:
     if you buy an ad, place an Adgitize widget somewhere on your site
     if you regularly advertise, change your banner every so often

Coming in with the lowest level, 4 people say that they don't click on any ads. Everyone has their own priorities, and a good case could be made for simply publishing ads and earning just a few pennies a day. In fact, if you don't advertise (and thus have an interest in recouping the cost of the ad), you can probably clear as much money in a month while doing nothing. While it is possible that some people checked both that the do not click at all, and that they don't try to make the 50 or 100 clicks, the choices were meant to be non-overlapping. If this is how it was read, then 6 people indicated that they click occasionally, probably when it is convenient.

Only 7 people click ads with no regard for the site that it leads to. Using the theory that the rest of the people who voted do make choices about what ads they click, then 37 people or 84% do make mental notes as to the sites they visit and use that information to guide future actions. I think a safe conclusion from this information is that 84% of those who click on Adgitize ads are paying some attention to the site visited, meaning that content is being assimilated.

About equally divided, and two sides of the same coin, many people said that they only click sites they like, and that they purposely avoid some sites that they don't like. Again, this means that advertisers pages are being read and understood at some level. Although Google has a bad attitude toward click and run, it is pretty amazing how much the human brain can absorb in a few seconds, and the value of that should not be discounted.

Next, I hoped to find out something about how people attempt to combine Adgitize clicking and Entrecard dropping. Slightly more responses were positive in their attempt to click on sites that carry both widgets, while a slightly lower number said that they actively avoid sites that don't also have the EC widget. I'm not sure that there is much new information there, but one might reasonably say that if you belong to both networks that you will gain more clicks if the two widgets are close together. Since EC no longer gives points when you are clicked on, this may not matter. But people who are looking for both may develop a preference for these blogs.

Finally, one person said that they sent me additional comments by email. I either deleted this accidentally, or it never came. I waded through 1500 messages about erectile dysfunction and free college degrees to check my junk filter, but I couldn't find it. So if this was you, and you had something you really wanted to say, please email me again!

This should be good news for advertisers. People ARE paying attention to your sites. Having a viable number of ads to choose from is good for everyone, since we don't all have the same tastes.

Thanks for participating. And if you haven't tried advertising with Adgitize yet, it's certainly worth giving it a try for a few days or a month. You WILL get increased traffic, and those people WILL notice what is on your site. Click below to join.

Adgitize your web site.

web ad income Nov 22 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.02
Adgitize $.71
Project Wonderful $.03
Clixsense $.05
Chitika $.09
Neobux $.04
Total: $.94


Bachrum said...

I am very happy when reading your post which mentioning about the advise in advertising in Adgitize.

I have a plan to advertise in next month when my fund in enough in my paypal account.

Once again, Thanks for your sharing and advise...

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hey Bachrum- Glad to hear that this was helpful. I expected more responses, but perhaps it's been the holiday weekend.

aldon @ orient lodge said...

Let me make a slightly different interpretation of the data.

If what you are interested in is getting the most people to click on your ad, changing your banner every so often would be beneficial. However, if you are interested getting people to pay attention to your content, you might be better off not changing your banner. Having a consistent brand image is important in getting repeat visitors, people who are more likely to interact with your content. Changing your banner may make users feel as if you are trying to trick them into returning, making it seem like your content is of lower value, requiring tricks to get people to visit it.

My two cents.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Alden- I know... it's hard to decide on a balance. However, people like new looks too... like painting the house or reworking a web site. I think I'm going to make an alternate banner for My Quality Day, and use it for a while, just for fun. But I too, have felt tricked when some banner was switched out every few days.