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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adgitize Back After Nearly 3-Day Outage!

Shortly before 1 pm EST today, the Adgitize Network came back on line after being down for more than two days. Owner, Ken Brown, stated in the forum, We "don't know what happened but it is back and operational. Really weird. I am sorry for the downtime." I'm sure the server and Brown will continue to try to ferret out the cause of the problems.

The forum was operational during the outage. Several members expressed their displeasure and a disruption to their routine. Isn't it interesting how we get so used to a certain method of surfing the web?

One person has said that they were checking blogs by clicking on more CMF ads, so this problem of Adgitize, has certainly been good for CMF. I did some of that myself.

We will have to wait and see what arrangements are made to cover the outage. Brown also has said, "We will make sure everything is taken care of for points and for the advertisers."



cornyman said...

The advertising feature is still not functional... wanted to renew my expired ad :(

A.Marie said...

I couldn't access any feature of Adgitize for the entire outage. I could sometimes get the home page, but if I clicked on any of the links, I got a "page cannot be displayed" message. I would have liked to have at least been able to get onto the forum!

John said...

The outage prompted me to remove Adgitize. I don't spend time clicking the ads, so it's only been earning me $0.45 per month. I haven't even reached the threshold for cashout :-(