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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Understanding Points at Adgitize

This week, Ken Brown, owner of Adgitize, posted some additional information about how the daily earnings are calculated. On your earnings report there are several columns of information. Here is a sample of mine from the beginning of this month.

As you can see, even though I earned the same number of points each day, and also was at .0089 percentage, my earnings were different for each day. This is due to two reasons. First of all the number of points in the system are different each day. The points depend on how many participants exist and how active they are. The other variable that is not so evident in the chart is the amount of revenue received each day. Ken wrote, "the amount to be paid to members is a function of revenue received x percentage of points earned." The key phrase there is "a function of." This means that there is some formula which Adgitize prefers to not make public. I have no problem with that; it simply explains why we can't look at the public statistics and calculate our earnings.

Ken also commented that he chooses to keep private the number of page views required to earn points at the various levels. However, he says that it is important to note several significant cut-off levels. If you earn fewer than 100 points a day, you will only make a couple of pennies. 100-199 points moves you to another tier of earnings, ditto with 200-299, and also at 300 or more points. Ken said, "not making a tier cut off point can result in a 25 cent difference in earnings for the day."

I have been trying hard to increase traffic to my sites, and trying to figure out at what level of traffic one moves to a new tier. It seems to me that at 500 page views a day one moves from 30 to 40 page view points. That assumes that this is a direct relationship, and not determined by a formula. I have not yet been able to make 50 page view points in a day, although my page views have been as high as 750 in a day.

I'm continuing to try to produce good content, and have persisted in avoiding traffic generators since September. I do have more traffic on the days when I do more Entrecard dropping. Many people do reciprocate drops.

If you haven't signed up with Adgitize, I suggest that it is a very good way to increase traffic on your blog. Most people "drop and run," but many times if someone sees something they like, they will read and return day after day.

See "Honest" Traffic

web ad income Nov 15 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.23
Adgitize $.66
Project Wonderful $.04
Clixsense $.01
Neobux $.04
Total: $.98


cornyman said...


additional insight in the point system :)

It's even more "complicated" when i look in my brother's account who is just a publisher with points between 40 and 250 daily.

There are days when he has the same amount of points but one day he got slightly higher earnings.

When i compare it with my earnings and same points in the 440 - 470 point range, it happens that i get on one day less earnings than on the previous day even when i have the same amount of points.

This means that on that day more persons reached one specific tier and the amount for this tier (here 400-500 points or 200-300 points) gets less or more compared to the previous day.

Page/ad views

For the page and ad views it's really necessary that you try to drop 300 cards for each of your blogs to reach 50 page view points :)

With my four blogs i reach usually 50 page view points and on good days even 60 points but therefore i need more than 2.000 page views. I think for 50 page view points i score not less than 1.500 page views.

80 ad view points around 7.500-8.000 ad views,
90 ad view points - 9.000 ad views,
100 ad view points - 10.000 ad views

Usually i have 80+50 or 90+50 and on good days 100+60 page view+ad view points.

(I always wonder when i could reach 70 page view points :-) )

This is only for advertisers - publishers need the double amount as advertisers get the doubling bonus for page/ad views!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Cornyman- I suspected you would have some extra insight! I just can't do 1200 drops a day though. And even if it moved me to get 50 points for page views, that would probably be only a few pennies, for a LOT of work. I can open about 10 pages at a time and let them load while I do something else, then come back and drop on them.

Very interesting comparing with your brother!

cornyman said...

It could be some cents more if you achieve the extra points on the weekends, always better to reach 400 points.

Sure, sometimes i'm bored to click several times on the same blogs and reciprocate. Then i just don't click for one or two days and hope that i don't loose too many visitors.
But usually i keep 440 points, just have to click two days the three hundreds and then it should be ok for the next two or three days to click only 50 - 100 the one who reciprocated your drops :)

You could also increase Google Adsense earnings a few cents daily with this strategy.