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Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Comments from a Neobux Neophyte

I signed up with Neobux just 10 days ago, and have learned a couple of things already. I'm actually fairly happy with the way things are going there, which is somewhat different from the way I feel about a lot of the sites I have tried.

I am still at the very lowest level. By choice I am not putting any cash money into the system, but am holding out to be able to pay to increase my standing with money earned at the site. The next thing that I need to do there is rent some referrals. The smallest number I can rent is 3 for a period of one month, at a cost of $.75. I estimated that it would take me almost 20 days to reach that amount in my account at the $.04 a day I was earning by clicking. However, I already have $.60 in my account after just 10 days.

I have earned more than an average of $.04 a day because there are occasionally extra click offers that show up at various times in the day. So I just check in at Neobux a couple of times throughout the day, and have managed to make the additional $.20 by that method. Not bad!

I am looking forward to renting my first referrals. They only assign referrals who have actually clicked on ads in the past 10 days, so although this is not a guarantee, there is a good chance that those referrals would actually pay. You get half a cent for each referral click. That means that in my first month with 3 referrals I might earn an extra $.015 a day, which translates to $.45 a month. Granted this is not going to make me rich in a hurry. However, this is a MUCH better system than the ones which really give you no opportunity to grow your position unless you can convince people to sign up under you.

I just did some additional research, looking at postings from people who have successfully used Neobux. It seems that you can only move money in increments of $1.00, and you have to have some cash to "manage" the referrals. I need to find out more about what that means, other than the fact that I won't be renting referrals quite so soon unless I want to deposit cash from an external source.

I think the potential to move up to a level of earning enough to make it worth the time is real, due to the willingness of Neobux to rent referrals from people who sign up directly (not already under someone else). Neobux continues to place in the top 5 paid-to-click sites when ranked by real people who have tried multiple sites. Most PTC sites that promise an immediate high return also go belly-up quite quickly. Neobux seems to be quite stable.

Of course, if you would like to get started at Neobux, I'd be really pleased to have you click the link here, and sign up under me!

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Neobux $.05
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