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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Checking Up on the Entrecard 15% Ad Placement

Entrecard seems to have stabilized pretty much again. I'm fairly glad that I've ignored most of the waves of change and anger, and just kept using it, dropping when I could and simply out-waited the roller coaster.

Today I decided to do a little experiment to check on their claim that 15% of the blog ads will be replaced with Entrecard Ads (since Sept 28). This will need to be repeated a few times to get a really accurate check. In fact, for statistical calculations 30 samples is considered a necessary number. I doubt that I'll repeat this 30 times, just because it's a pain to do the counting, but then again, the left side of my brain might make me do it!

So, I opened 100 blogs that claim to be signed up on Entrecard. This was done with a combination of first opening 15 blogs from the "Campaign" page of my interface, then I chain clicked until all those threads ran out, and finally I had the toolbar choose random selections from all blogs one at a time until I had opened 100. (I am specifying this because, perhaps by chance, I got different levels of EC ads from the methods).

None of the first 50 opened had an EC ad! In fact of the first 60 blogs, only 2 had EC ads. Seven blogs had no EC widget (suggesting that admin is not checking up on that very well)

However, by the time I got to 100 blogs, 18 of them had EC ads. So for today the EC ads appeard 18% of the time. That is certainly close to the expected 15%, and not far enough off to raise any red flags or make me obsessive about getting those 30 samples.

However, I do want to explore whether it was simple chance, or if the percentages are set differently for different click sources.

What is Entrecard Up To Now?

web ad income Oct 30 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.02
Adgitize $.53
Project Wonderful $.04
Chitika $.25
Total: $.84


A.Marie said...

What an interesting post! You explained the 15 percent perfectly. Now I understand it much better than before!!

I was very confused about the whole thing, but I am also just "riding the anger wave." I love EC because of the awesome bloggers that I have met! :)

I love your blog, BTW. :):)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

A. Marie- Thanks! And I'm glad if I could help make this whole thing more understandable. I understood it, but was having a hard time believing it, so I had to check.

John | Make Nothing Online said...

I wonder if Entrecard get the 15% from a random number generator or from the system time?

If it's from the time it makes it quite likely to open 50 blogs at once and none show paid ads (or alternatively all of them).

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

If it's from the time, then the count could be FAR off from 15/100 views overall.

cornyman said...

It's based on every single blog because sometimes i open 10 tabs and nearly all have the ads, so that would be more than 15% for 100 shown blogs. But it's exactly 15% for that blog as each 7 page view should be a "sponsored ad".

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi cornyman - Sure, but the overall rate should work out the same, and it seems to.