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Monday, October 19, 2009

HubSpot's Website Grader

After seeing this logo on a blog, but with an astonishing grade of 99, I had to check into this.

HubSpot's Website Grader takes just a few minutes to analyze any web site. It then assigns a grade, much like being back in school and having your semester project subjected to the professor's red pencil. The score is returned with a full list of what features were considered, and, better than some professors, tells you how you could make things better.

Broad categories covered are On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Off-site SEO, Blogosphere (recall that the grader can be used for any web site, not just blogs), the Social Mediasphere, Conversion of Visitors to Leads, and Competitive Intelligence.

If your blog is hosted on a site like blogspot, expect points taken off instantly, since those who want to seriously monetize their sites need their own domain.

One weakness of the system, which is really a weakness of social media in general, is that it gives a points for good rankings in Technorati, Digg, and None of these sites offer a category that is a good fit for three of my four blogs. (This is really a rant that deserves an entire post, but if one chooses to blog about topics that aren't mainstream, it is extremely difficult to find others with like interests.)

One could argue that some of the means HubSpot uses to measure each category aren't complete or the best. Nevertheless, this is certainly an interesting tool by which to compare your web site to others. It also gives practical and specific suggestions as to how you can improve your score... and theoretically your effectiveness.

The best any of my blogs did was My Quality Day with a score of 87%. Some of the "problems" I may not be able to fix... such as poor categories in social media. I don't have much motivation to move it to it's own domain, but some of the suggestions would be fairly easy to follow.

HubSpot Web Site Grader

web ad income Oct 16 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.02
Adgitize $.52
Project Wonderful $.02
Clixsense $.11
My Survey $.50
Total: $1.17


John | Make Nothing Online said...

Here are my scores :-)

96.9 - Spacedust
96.6 - Patchwork Pixels
95.1 - English Wilderness
94 - Corewar
90 - Retro Programming
90 - Thoughts on Corewar
86 - Make Nothing Online

I'm surprise, I've been quite lazy with SEO ;-)

Homeless Blogger said...

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Sharkbytes said...

John- That's pretty amazing- and a hearty congrats. I'm have some skeptical thoughts, which I plan to post today.

Hi Homeless- Well, I am not without sympathy, but I don't think my measly dollar a day web income is going to make me rich. I have to pay my property taxes or we'll be homeless too. No offense, but you could be sitting in a nice house LYAO at the people who send you $10 because you say you are homeless.

John | English Wilderness said...

Sharkbytes: don't have too much sympathy for Homeless Blogger. If you track down his other blogs, it look like he's doing fine ;-)

You probably visited a few of them via Entrecard.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yeah, I hadn't looked, but I wasn't too worried about him... I only "look" cute and cuddly and gullible.