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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Thoughts About HubSpot Website Grader

website grader logoJust a few more thoughts about the HubSpot Website Grader. My good friend John at English Wilderness (and several other blogs) used the tool to grade all of his blogs, and got some great scores (see yesterday's comments). I congratulate him, and I'm not jealous, but now I am really curious! I also again ran across the site I first found with the grade of 99%.

One of the things they knocked my blogs down for was having too many pictures. So I didn't really question that, since I really like sharing pictures and I'm not going to stop. I put 1-2 pictures in each post on three of my blogs, and sometimes 4-5 in a post on My Quality Day. But the site that got 99% has lots more images than I do, and John's photo blogs all scored in the 90s, so that can't be my biggest problem.

I also noticed that the other site with 99% is hosted on blogspot, the same as mine. So that can't be taking off too many points.

I think that I should start adding metadata to my posts. Google doesn't use it any more (forthcoming post on that topic), but it can still be valuable for searches.

Well, as I said yesterday... this is one tool to help you analyze your blog or web site. I'd say that any score above 85% is pretty darn good. Of course, for those who seek to make serious money through a web site improving performance is always necessary.

Note a few hours later: Since yesterday I have made sure this site was listed at Technorati, and DMOZ. I added meta tags to the template. So I just ran the score again, and now this blog has dropped to 69% from 81% reported yesterday. This is very strange, and gives me a lot less confidence in this product.

HubSpot Web Site Grader

web ad income Oct 17 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.20
Adgitize $.60
Project Wonderful $.03
Clixsense $.06
Chitika $.06
Total: $.95


John | English Wilderness said...

Hi, Just Throw Money is now showing a score of 93 :-)

It's not worth worry about the "too many images" warning since most of your images are small. It would be worth adding ALT tags though.

John | English Wilderness said...

By the way, meta tags can be harmful if you use an indentical description / keywords for every post on your blog. Google uses the description but ignores the keywords.

I've set English Wilderness to only include the descriptions / keywords on the homepage.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi John- Yeah, I just added one for the homepage. I try really hard to remember to add the alt tags. I'm not sure why it says I am missing so many unless it dug down to older posts.