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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nature's Crunch Harvest Blend

This is not a paid promotion. I have a very unofficial list of my best product discoveries each year. Of course with foods, this can be very subjective, but I'll tell you why I like this so much, and you can decide if you want to try it.

This great cereal was discovered when I was forced to shop for groceries at an unfamiliar store on my recent hike. The store was a Save-A-Lot, and I was actually looking for granola. They didn't have any, and so I "settled" for this box of Nature's Crunch Harvest Blend cereal. This 16 oz. box cost $2.29. It is a store brand of the Save-A-Lot Foods Company.

It has "honey-frosted corn and wheat flakes with rolled oats and granola clusters." It is a little bit sweeter than I usually like for cereals, but I planned to eat it with yogurt, so it turned out to have a good level of sweetness. I especially liked the way the taste blended with vanilla yogurt. On plain yogurt I did add some almonds and dried cranberries.

Three-fourths cup of this cereal, dry, has 120 calories, 10 of which come from fat. There is no trans fat, and total fat is 1.5 grams. The worst nutritional value is the sodium at 170mg.

This is certainly not as organic as granola would have been. But I was very surprised at how good the product is. I've had flaked store brand cereals that really are flat and tasteless. This one is good enough that I'll probably go out of my way to buy more.

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