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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clarifying CMF Ads Approved Blogs

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I planned to sign up my Get Off The Couch News blog on CMF Ads. They did approve it, but not at first, and an e-conversation with Turnip clarified the issues.

Get Off The Couch News is a daily news report of some event related to quiet, outdoor, muscle-powered recreation in west Michigan. As such, I condense and re-write news articles that appear in newspapers, newsletters, etc. I do use news releases that are issued by various organizations, the Michigan DNR, and other sources. Although I try to be very careful not to plagiarize, CMF felt that there were issues with my use of too much non-original material. Their policy is to not approve article banks.

Turnip and I had some discussion about it, and he agreed in the end that Get Off The Couch News is not strictly an article bank. I write some completely original news reports there as well. (He suggested I do more of that, and I pointed out that while I would love to, it covers half of the lower peninsula of Michigan, I maintain four blogs, and have very little income. Not a very practical idea!) The only items that are copied verbatim are news releases or where I have express permission to do so.

I'm not sure if I will even try to sign up North Country Trail News. It is similar, but with a lot of entries that are submitted by other people, or excerpted from other blogs, newsletters, etc (always with permission). It is my attempt to gather news and use of the trail into one location. But a check of duplicated material in posts would get a lot of hits.

The other issue that I have, with both these blogs, is that I want advertisements that I accept to be somewhat pertinent to their topics. And there aren't very many blogs with outdoor or nature themes. I'm just hopeful that some of them will sign on. I have set the price fairly low, and bought ads on some appropriate blogs. Perhaps they will reciprocate!

So, for anyone wishing to sign a blog up at CMF, perhaps this will help clarify their acceptance policy.

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Total: $.97


John | Make Nothing Online said...

I'm glad they allowed it in the end. I assume the rule exists to combat spam.

Unfortunately a few quality sites are caught by the rules and a little bit of human common sense is required.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Actually it is because it's questionable to be making money simply from reposting articles from other sources.