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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did Your Status Bar Disappear?

Today I learned something the hard way. My status bar on Firefox 3.5.3 was gone, and I didn't know how that had happened. What was worse... on the View menu at the top, Status Bar was checked which meant that it should be showing. Unchecking it had no effect.

It seems that I had accidentally hit the F11 key (one piece of software I have uses F12 for save, so I probably missed and hit F11 by accident hours ago, and just didn't notice that anything had changed.) In Firefox, F11 changes the view to Fullscreen mode. You can also select this from the View menu.

One thing that I can't explain at all is that in Fullscreen mode all the bars at the top of the screen should disappear too, and they didn't this one time. But as a suggestion, if your status bar disappears, and the View menu indicates that it should be showing, try F11.

In Fullscreen you can still navigate from one browser tab to another with Control+Page Up or Down. In this mode all the distractions of the many bars are temporarily hidden to help you focus on the project at hand.

web ad income Oct 23 (4 blogs, 2 web sites, writing):
Adsense $.15
Adgitize $.55
Project Wonderful $.01
My Survey $.55
Chitika $.01
Total: $1.27