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Monday, March 30, 2009

Giving CMF Ads a Thumbs-Up

I signed up with CMF ads just over a month ago. I have chosen not to blog about it until now because I was waiting till I had enough credits to advertise as well as display ads.

The premise of CMF Ads is an exchange of advertising via credits you earn, although it is possible to buy credits for cash. If you sign up to display ads you can set a price, the recommended number of credits is 5, and then wait for advertisers to select your blog to advertise on. You can place blocks of CMF ads on your blog. When you see squares like the one above on someone's page, it usually means that they do not currently have anyone who has asked to advertise on their page.

I discovered early that 5 credits is too much to ask unless you have a very high-traffic blog. I get about 100 hits a day on My Quality Day, the blog I signed up with. So I reduced my asking price to 2 credits and quickly got two advertisers. Ads run for 31 days and then you are paid the credits. So at the end of my first month with CMF ads I had 4 credits to spend. I have turned those around and bought ads for the next month on two other sites that each charge 2 credits.

You can actually have more ads running than you do ad boxes. The ads will rotate through your boxes with equal display frequency, and you get all the credits. So it is possible to have two boxes, sell 3 ads at 2 credits each, and earn 6 credits.

There is nothing else at all that you need to do to earn credits. There is no time-consuming clicking. In the 20 hours since I bought my ads they have each received about 30 impressions and 1 click thru. There is a formula by which they calculate the approximate CPM value of your site. And they are currently valuing each credit at $0.25. Credits may be accumulated and sold back to CMF ads at a rate of $10 for 80 credits.

CMF ads is working on a referral system that might earn credits for the referrer. So if you are interested, and click-thru from any link on this page, it would be great.

There are some rules about publisher sites. They must be in English, not be pornographic, contain original material and be updated regularly. They can't be illegal file sharing sites or have automatic popups or redirects.

CMF ads has a support forum. In fact, you sign up for the whole site by signing up for the forum. That is nice, because you don't have to log in to the forum separately.

I need to get busy and place some on this blog!

CMF ads

web ad income today (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.01
Adgitize $.20
Project Wonderful $.22
Total: $.43

Total to date in March $18.58


Turnip said...

Sharkbytes: Nice post! I think you hit all our main points, particularly our universal login for both the forum and the ad network. There are otehr contests besides the referral contest you mentioned. That particular contest may have finished, because I remember Ben saying he paid the 5th referral. But there are always new contests. This month I sponsored an NCAA bracket contest. When that finishes, I'll certainly hold another. If you like contests, contact an admin with your idea. There is also no reason you can't hold a CMF Ads contest on your own. Simply agree to buy so many credits on the winning blog.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Well, that's an idea! Thanks for the comment and the link from the FAQ page.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Hi there,

I've added you to the contest, Your offically in. Now will do the good luck dance.

Ms Recipe