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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tracking Income from Blogging

When I began this blog, I was providing a small tally each day of how much I had earned that day. However, I was away from home for several weeks after that, so wasn't able to track the numbers daily. Now, I know better than to think that I'll get rich working on line, but If I could even manage to pull in the value of two blue poker chips a day I could pay my bills and support my hobbies.

Meanwhile, I've had second thoughts about whether it makes more sense to track the daily pennies, or simply report total amounts when they are cashed out. I've added a poll in the sidebar to ask any of you readers who are following this if you have an opinion.

Reporting daily is interesting- to see how slowly the income trickles in, however, some of that money might never be cashed out if sites fail, I prefer to reinvest in advertising, or for other reasons. Reporting actual money transferred to me, by PayPal or checks etc, is a more honest report, but makes it difficult for anyone to see how the money accumulated.

There are examples of both styles below:

Cash earned on line and paid to me in June:

Old balance paid in full by Shared Reviews $239.00
Writing for Textbroker (prefer not to give this information, but it is a significant portion of my income) $60.00
Writing at Associated Content $2.09
Adgitize $11.08
minus Adgitize Ad $14.00
Total: $297.17


Cash earned on line today:
web ad income today (3 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.18
Adgitize $.58
Project Wonderful $.10
ClixSense $.09
Pine Cone Research $3.00
Total: $3.95


yanji said...

Wow that's brilliant. I just posted my payment proofs on my blog too.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks, yanji- it's great to see another ethical human who is trying to be realistic.

The Author said...

I'd like to see them daily because it's interesting to me.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I hear you MW, but sometimes if I never make the payout minimum, or other things, those amounts can be "lost." I'll see... not too many votes.

Joyuna said...

The daily tally is very interesting to me, and to me that's one of the ways your blog stands out - I hadn't seen it reported that way before. On the other hand, the money isn't really "yours" until it's paid out. That's one of the reasons I don't use, for example, Adsense - It would take ages to reach the $100 payout, and until I did, I wouldn't really be "making" money.