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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shared Reviews- Big Changes in July

Shared Reviews is a product review site which focuses on very personal interactions of people with products.

As of July 1, 2009, they are back on track to begin sharing revenue with participants. The means by which that revenue is shared can change from month to month, within a basic framework. The owners realize that the site must be able to pay for itself in order to be able to have any money to share.

For this month the total payout will be $1500. Here is how that is to be divided:
There are 424 sub-categories of products,and the total will be split evenly amongst them. The top review will earn 50% of that total, second place 30%, and third place 20%. Any amount earned by a review will be split evenly between the author receiving 50%, and the voters sharing the other 50% evenly.

For example any one category will have $1500/424 = $3.55. Of this 50% or $1.77 will go to the top review. The author of that review will get 50% of that or $.88 If 25 people voted for it they will split the remaining $.88, and earn $.88/25 = $.035 each.

There are also some contests going on:
1) Most Votes Received:
1. $25
2. $20
3. $15
4. $10
5. $5

2) Most Published Reviews:
1. $25
2. $20
3. $15
4. $10
5. $5

3) Most Popular Video Review: $50 to the top video review by votes!
4) There are several small categories where the top new review will receive $5.

Tomorrow I will explain how a person can gain what is known as Share Score, and how this will affect the ranking of a review, and a person's ranking on the site.

Shared Reviews
web ad income July 17 (4 blogs, 2 web sites):
Adsense $.57
Adgitize $.50
Project Wonderful $.02
Shareapic $.01
Clixsense $.06
Total: $1.06