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Friday, July 17, 2009

Firefox 3.5 - First Impressions

I was all prepared to love Firefox 3.5, but after using it for a day, I think you should wait until they get some bugs worked out before rushing out to download it.

These are strictly personal experiences. If you want the specs, head for their web site. Right off the bat though the introduction video wouldn't play on one of my computers (not a dinosaur), so that should have been a message right there.

Supposedly 3.5 deals with javascript better. One problem with FF 3.0.x is that when you surf through Entrecard or Adgitize sites the browser gets so balled up with the javascript for their frames that every couple of hours it is so constipated that I have to close down the browser and sometimes reboot to get it to keep lumbering along. Before reaching that point it goes into "Not Responding" mode every so often and I had to wait for it to resolve its backlog of tasks.

With FF 3.5, it simply won't let me move away from the page that it's struggling with until it has finished speaking with that script. It acquires no backlog, but I have to wait for every page to do its thing. And there is no little waiting hourglass, all you get is an arrow that won't do anything no matter where you click. This is really maddening! I can't even wait till it jams up and then go make a cup of tea while it resolves itself. I'm just wasting time all the time.

And it has some problems with some interfaces. On a site where I am very active I can no longer reply to posts in the forum or upload pictures. I had to open IE (shhh) to accomplish those tasks.

And for you Entrecarders, the toolbar is not compatible with FF 3.5.

I was going to downgrade, but they've taken 3.x off their site as an option. If you want to downgrade you will need to go back to version 2.x. That strikes me as a particularly mean move on their part. I think my love affair with Firefox is over.

Be brave and download Firefox 3.5

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Adsense $.02
Adgitize $.55
Project Wonderful $.01
Shareapic $.01
Clixsense $.02
My Survey $.10
Total: $.71


Glynis said...

Thanks for the heads up on that. :)

LyghteKeeper said...

Since I'm on a Mac my experiences are much different but that might be the nature of Firefox. My only complaint is the numerous sites that are not compatible with Firefox so I have to reopen with Safari. I won't even think of using I.E. on my Mac - blech!