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Saturday, June 20, 2009

TrafficNowFire Higher Levels- Inbreeding?

Traffic Now Fire is a link clicking program that sends traffic to your site and has the potential to earn money.

I have continued to explore how one can earn more with this site. I've finally found a page that explains more, but I don't think that I want to get involved with this type of site too deeply. It's one of the type of site that I call "inbred."

There are two types of points: regular points and ranking points

Regular points
One can earn regular points by clicking on links and voting those sites up or down. If you complete member offers you get a lot of points, and also you get points when people you refer sign up under you. Regular points can be traded for bold or icon studded links, banner ads, or guaranteed surfing time on your links. They can be cashed out at a rate of 25,000 for 25 cents.

Ranking points
Ranking points have more value. These are awarded to regular users of TrafficNowFire. You get 0.1 points every time you log in. You get a point every time you complete a member offer. You get a point for posting 5 links a day (but you can't do this unless you trade points, or already have a higher rank). Actually about all they are good for is to give you access to better offers to sign up for.

Member Offers
Member offers are things that one signs up for, and these give you ranking points. Members can also create offers for other people to sign up for. The more offers you sign up for, the more ranking points you get. However, you also usually have to have at least 3 ranking points to sign up for any of them. The one that I was eligible for (with 1 ranking point), is a "guaranteed income for life" scheme. It's a pyramid scam. You have to pay $20 each to 3 people, and then just wait for the $20 bills to come to your account.

I call these sites inbred, because it's all based on a bunch of people completing each others offers. All the offers are for money-making schemes; it's not really a site to promote blogs or sites that have some independent purpose. The only way to really accumulate points is to sign up for offers.

Your odds of doing better are greatly increased if you pay for a Pro Membership.

If you are comfortable with the sleaziness of the whole process you can participate. I think some of the schemes are illegal in the US. I'll just use it for some traffic generation, and forget about trying to make a few dollars.

Read the page on how to earn points at TrafficNowFire
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yanjiaren said...

I use trafficnow mainly to get views for my blog and have had 8 sign ups for me2everyone as I am trying to win the ref contest lol.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

That's great! I don't seem to get many signups on me2everyone.