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Thursday, June 11, 2009

TrafficNowFire Revisted

Traffic Now Fire is a link clicking program that sends traffic to your site and has the potential to earn money.

A few days ago, I signed up at this site. Much to my surprise it has resulted in some quality traffic. Every time I post a link (at my level I am allowed one link post a day), I have gotten over 20 hits in the next 24 hours. Now, most of those have to be low value, click and run, I understand that.

There is SOME incentive for people to read a little bit. If they vote a site up or down, they get a few extra points. In theory this means that they might look at the site for a few seconds.

But I have been quite shocked to receive two comments on my blogs where people said they found me through Traffic Now Fire.

I have been clicking and voting on a few links every day, and posting my one link. I haven't even got enough points to earn 25 cents yet, but I have generated traffic. And I do believe that one needs to get people going by a site. Then it's up to me to get them to come back.

Also, I have read several blog posts by real people who say that they have indeed been paid by Traffic Now Fire. If I come across them again, I'll add them here (forgot to bookmark.)

Traffic Now Fire.


Anonymous said...

Also found your blog through TrafficNowFire where I've been paid 3 times through Paypal.

Be aware that as a basic member you can post 1 link free, 8 links total. You trade your earned points for the additional links.

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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yes, the basic membership doesn't get you too much. But to get to higher levels there is a lot of internal link trading.