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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Compare Hotel - Easily Find the Best Deal is a great little application. On the home page there are instant links to a number of popular destination cities, or you can enter any city of interest, with potential travel dates.

In just seconds you will have a listing of hotel rooms. These can then be sorted by: Popularity, Price, Stars, Name, or Distance from the center of the city.

Not sure where you want to go? You can also browse by by city, country, or hotel name. Despite the large amount of information that must be in that database, the search results load very quickly, making this a very attractive site to search for information.

Once you click on a hotel, you can get basic information, and then more details like check in and out times, and about the neighborhood, or see a Google map. There may be a picture posted. Users can enter reviews for hotels. Previous reviews can be seen. Popular hotels may have several reviews, while remote locations could use some input.

Malaysia Hotel


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