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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shared Reviews - Status, April 2009

Shared Reviews has been live for about 18 months. You may have seen links to the site promising that you can make $2 per review. That information is completely outdated, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't check out the site.

The premise of Shared Reviews is that reviews of products will be written from a personal point of view. Each review is supposed to tell the user's unique experience. The site currently contains over 36,000 reviews.

Shared Reviews is a great resource to learn about many products that you may see everyday or are curious to learn about.

So, can you earn money at Shared Reviews? At, the moment, only a little bit, but there is hope that will change. Initially there was venture capital to build a body of product reviews, and then the site, like any enterprise needed to be able to pay its own way. The model, from the beginning, has been to share revenue with the writers. After a few rocky months the owners, who are very hands-on with the business, realized that they had to either allow the site to fold or place the sharing on hold until money owed to writers could be fully paid.

Currently, April 2009, the back payments are not quite caught up. However, there is hope that the revenue sharing will begin within a few more months. At the moment you can earn some small cash awards with a great expense of time each month. The owners are also taking applications for a "Bounty" program, by which good writers will be able to make extra cash by accepting brokered writing assignments.

I have belonged to Shared Reviews since October 2007. I have to say that I have never belonged to another online community like the one at SR. Newcomers will be welcomed in the forums, and encouraged. There is no clique of long-time members. I have made several good friends and even moved one of those relationships from virtual to phone calls.

I won't try to explain how one used to earn money there, because there may be changes when the revenue sharing is reinstated. But, in general one gains points by voting for other reviews and when others vote for your reviews.

For anyone who might be interested in writing product reviews I would suggest that you sign up now, write some reviews, introduce yourself in the forum, and get positioned to be a player when the opportunity to make money there returns. How much money? It's impossible to predict. But the site is now self-supporting and has survived its launch. The only way to go is up!

Shared Reviews

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