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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canon Power Shot SX10IS - Macro

The Canon Power Shot SX10IS has both Macro and Super Macro functions.

The Macro function can be used in AUTO mode and is for distances of 12-20 inches (30-50 cm) from the subject. This is easy to use. On the rocker control button press the little flower on the left side. You will see the little flower in the display area. (To cancel macro and return to normal, just press it again.) Macro works in any mode except Landscape (the picture of a mountain)

You can use the zoom in Macro. When you do a bar will extend from the left of the display and will show the zoom range. If you extend the zoom bar into the yellow the camera will not be able to focus and will revert to focusing at a normal distance.

To use Super Macro, you must be in Full Manual (M), Manually set aperture (Av), manually set shutter speed (Tv), or Program (P). Press and hold the Macro button for more than one second. The flower will appear on the display with an S in the middle of it. The zoom function will not work in Super Macro. In Super Macro you can hold the camera 1 inch from the subject to actually touching the subject.

I've had good luck with using the Macro function, but Super Macro is more tricky. I'll add a couple of photos here to compare when I get a set that makes sense. The picture below was taken with Macro.

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