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I have taken a part-time job, and it's definitely affecting my blogging time. I'll continue to post here as I am able.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

ClixSense Highly Improved

While several PTC sites have recently disappeared or made things more difficult for standard members to earn, ClixSense has greatly improved their interface.

In the first place, they've redesigned their logo, and the site, to be more visually attractive, and it's much easier to navigate.

Most importantly, it is now a dynamic interface. Of the PTCs I still do, it's the best one as far as ease of use. When you log in you are shown several things on the same page. Your current account balance is displayed at the top. This amount will change with every click you successfully view. The number of ads currently available to you shows in a blue box.

The knockout new feature, however, is dynamic refreshing of the ads. Once you log in, you may need to wait a few seconds for the site to find you. But then a number will appear in your "View Ads" blue button, and you can click it to see the ads. Any ads you see will be good ones- no clicking and waiting, and then getting the annoying message that the ad is no longer available. Once your ad click has been validated, that ad will automatically be removed from the available list and be placed below, under "Ads Clicked in the Last 24 Hours" and grayed out.

You will randomly be asked to match a picture after the click timer has run down, to verify that a human is clicking. This works smoothly, so far I haven't seen any failed loading problems with the frame (an annoying problem with some verification schemes)

The ClixGrid game has been improved tremendously. No longer do you have to click around that stupid monkey, always wondering where you have already clicked. With each click a different, lovely, picture will be shown. The grid lines are visible, including an address for the one you are on at the bottom. After you click a square, it changes color, and your remaining clicks are immediately revised and displayed, so you don't have to track your clicks on a separate piece of paper. I don't often do the Grid (I've never won anything there), but I may just do it occasionally now that it is more interesting and less frustrating.

They have also added micro-ads, worth only a tenth of a cent, and minis, worth half a cent. But this has not taken away from the number of one cent ads available to standard members. I am actually making a tiny bit more there than I was before the changes.

The first year I belonged, I upgraded, but this year I've just kept a standard membership, not having seen a difference in the net profit. But with these changes, I might consider it in the future.