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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Find Your Amazon Listmania! Lists

Why is it so hard to find Listmania! Lists on Amazon? They encourage people to make them and then make it impossible to find.

Listmania! is a great idea. You can make a list of any sort of collection of books that you want, and then other people can see your selection. I've made two lists:

Adventurous Women
and Books by People I Know Personally

But once you make them... it's like they disappear into a black hole. Here's how to find your lists, so you can edit them.

• When you sign in at Amazon, click on Your Account in the upper right corner.
• Scroll down to the section marked Personalization
• Under Community, click on "Your Public Profile"
• If you have written any reviews and/or created Listmania! lists, they are accessible under the labeled tabs

If you have not created any Listmania! lists, it's fun! Create a Listmania! List


Anonymous said...

Do you make any money when someone purchases something from your Amazon list? I tried to find this answer on Amazon but had no luck.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

No- You would need to sign up to be an Affiliate. Then someone would have to buy through one of your affiliate links. I've been one of those for about a year, and have yet to make a penny from it.

Moonbeams and Eco-Dreams said...

Thank you so much! You are right; it is hard to find them. You probably saved me an hour's worth of frustration.

Boulder SEO said...

I think Amazon has Listmania Lists only for SEO reasons. If you search for stuff like "the best business books 2011" sometimes Listmania lists appear as #1.

Leah MacVie said...

"Why is it so hard to find Listmania! Lists on Amazon? " I could not agree more! It is the most annoying thing. I stumbled on this blog post wondering the same thing...