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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cashing Out Swagbucks

I am in process of cashing out two more $5 payments to my PayPal account. I like getting cash better than other things. Once I figured out the verification process, all further cashouts have gone smoothly.

Swagbucks awards you points simply for using their search engine. The drawback is that several of the top results presented will be filtered through their own advertising, but you don't ever have to click on them.

When you have enough points to cashout, simply go to and look through the rewards until you find the one you want. Be sure you have enough points to cover it, then click it and follow any additional directions. Note that there is usually a time limit to claim the award, in addition to the verification process. Click "Snag it."

You will be shown a shipping address confirmation screen, and then the notice that you must verify this order. What this means is that you will receive an email from swagbucks, which contains a link that must be clicked. If you don't receive this email, check your junk folder, because you will not be able to claim your reward unless this step is followed.

Once you click the verification link in the email, you will see that your order is verified.

It still takes several weeks to get it. Sometimes up to 2 months. Still... money for doing almost nothing is pretty darn good! This will make $40 I have received from Swagbucks since I signed up.

Swagbucks (if you sign up under me it helps me, and will never hurt you in any way.)

Update: I was paid on May 13.


plin said...

Good to see your blog is back Sharkbyte!

I love Swagbucks when it first came out. I usually cash out Amazon certificate since I purchase a lot from Amazon so it is as good as cash for me.