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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Maximize Your Adgitize Experience

Adgitize is a blog advertising network that can provide you with a great deal of exposure. With just a little effort on your part, it can also be free!

Tip #1: Design a Catchy Banner
Use good graphic principles- clean lines, clear colors, a graphic that reflects the theme of your blog. Text may or may not be appropriate, but make sure it is readable and crisp. Although several size banners are supported, the most popular size is 125x125 pixels.

Tip #2: Buy an Ad
It seems like this is a no-brainer, but it is possible to belong to Adgitize simply as a publisher. You may earn a few pennies a day, but your web/blog will not gain any significant exposure. The most economical is a full year at a time at $12 a month, but the most popular format is one month at a time for $14.

Tip #3: Post Once a Day
You get 100 points a day for posting to your blog. You can have multiple blogs in the network, so you only need to post to one of them to gain the 100 points. (More than 100 points are not given for multiple posts.)

Tip #4: Click 50 Ads a Day
If you are an advertiser, you only have to click 50 ads a day to gain 100 points. This is not too onerous. I don't have a super-fast connection, and I can get this done sort of behind the scenes by having two tabs open and loading while I'm doing other things. You MUST wait until the page finishes loading or your click will not count. You can also only click one ad per page.

Tip #5: Accept Adgitize Ads on Your Site
You are not required to do this, but other members who need to click ads are more likely to visit your site if they know it will lead them to another ad to click.

You also earn points for traffic to your sites, and from displaying Adgitize ads.

The Adgitize Point Guarantee
Ken Brown, founder of Adgitize, has stated that what began as a summer promotion will continue into the future. If you accumulate 300 or more points a day, you are guaranteed at least $0.47 cents. This totals $14.57 for a month of 31 days, recouping your investment. Higher points will result in a profit.

Why not give Adgitize a try?


Source Blogger said...

This is Source Blogger.

I think you have to yourself: "Am I blogging solely for the purpose of Adgitize?"

Spending your day - every day - visiting other sites on the Adgitize network is a poor allotment of your time that could be spent effectively marketing and promoting your blog to the rest of the blogosphere.

A blogosphere that is much more vast than the small pool that is Adgitize.

Source Blogger
"Determined to make you a better blogger!"

cornyman said...

@Source Blogger: true words - that's why i advised my readers just to get 300 points as more points doesn't increase your income, only if you can get more than 380+ points on the weekends, but this only with the effort of clicking all 50 Adgitize ads... which may take up to 45 minutes

Source Blogger said...


You and I know very well that it does not end there.

The typical, average day for many bloggers is visiting 300 sites on Entrecard, 50 sites on Adgitize, then it's on to CMF Ads... followed by some time on other traffic exchanges.

That is not blogging.

It the ugly sub-existence of the blogosphere from blogs who live in this micro-bubble and are unable to function without receiving many visits without "incentivized" methods.

Eventually bloggers begin to obsess and/or cater their sites for these low-quality, high bounce rate type of visits.

While having participated in all three programs for a short period of time, there is generally very little reward or value for your continued daily participation.

Source Blogger
"Determined to make you a better blogger!"

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. I rarely click more than 50 EC cards, and those are blogs that either are both EC and Adg, or ones that I want to visit... might as well get my point if I'm there. With doing Adg clicks "in the background" of whatever other computer tasks I am doing it takes only a very few minutes of actual attention to the task. The Adgitize value is still very worth it to me.

Danielle said...

I want to thank you for this post. I think that the Adgitize system is great and I have been really spending some time trying to get a better understanding of how the system works and your blog post has helped greatly.

noypistuff said...

I am new to adgitizing and thanks for all these tips guys...

Wish you all the best...