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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stickies 7.0- Free, Great for Organizing Desktop

Have you tried the free program which places electronic sticky notes on your desktop? It's the only organizer program that ever really helped me keep all those scraps of info and a to-do list so that I can find them. And, it's free!

Developed by Zhorn, Stickies is a small, simple program. It does not write to system files or the registry. It simply stores text in an ini file.

You can set the colors of Stickies. You can arrange them anywhere on your desktop. They can be set to open at a particular time with both visible and/or audio signals.

You can attach one to a web site or document, and it will then only open when you open that document in the future. They can be sent to other computers which are networked, and a long list of other capabilities.

I've been using Stickies for about two years, and I'm really pleased. It does have one real bug... occasionally all the notes will disappear! This sounds deadly, but recovery is really easy. Tomorrow I'll tell you how to do that.

Stickies 7.0