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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recovering Lost Stickies

A few days ago I told you about a great little piece of Freeware called Stickies 7.0. But I mentioned that there was a bit of an issue with apparently losing all of your stickies on occasion. For some people (like me) who really use this software to organize their life, that can be a real problem!

The first time it happened I angrily headed for their support forum, and discovered that the recovery is simple. Ahhh.... something that works, and is easy to fix when it does break. Software doesn't get much better than this.

Here's how to recover if your stickies suddenly come up blank. First, you need to be sure that your display options are set to show hidden files and folders. To do that, click Start/ Control Panel/ Folder Options/ View/ Show Hidden Files and Folders. If your settings do not allow for these to show, the path to the stickies recovery folder will not show up.

Now click on My Computer / C: / Documents and Settings/ Your User Name/ Application Data/ stickies. If Application Data is not in the list, you have not successfully made hidden files show.

You should see a list like this.

Now you have several options. But before you try any of them, make a second copy of stickies.bak, stickies24h, and stickies1wk. This just helps insure that you won't accidentally dump those backup files yourself! Rename one of these three files as stickies.ini. Which one? Stickies.bak is the most recent. It will have the most up-to-date information from your stickies. Occasionally, this will be empty. In that case, chose stickies24h, which is all the data from 24 hours ago. As a last resort, stickies1wk is, logically, all the data from one week ago.

I have had stickies.bak be empty after a bad crash, but I've never had to recover anything earlier than the 24 hour file.